October 4th, 2015

The Douglas County School District 15 is home to Days Creek Charter School, a small school with approximately 200 students K-12, where students benefit from small classes and teachers who know them well. Although our population is small, our geography is large. The western boundary is only three miles off of I-5 in Southern Oregon, but extends to the east another fifty miles along the strikingly beautiful South Umpqua River.


We offer a high-quality 21st century education in a small school environment!

The support of philanthropic organizations, local businesses, community fundraising, private donations, patron volunteers, federal grants, state grants, and the community has helped to create a thriving educational environment.

We participate in a student-led recycling program supported by Oregon Green Schools that encourages environmental responsibility.

Also, do you have or know of a child that may be in need of special education services?  If so, let us know.  Our district provides special education to all qualified children, from ages birth to 21, that reside within our district boudaries.  Some of the services that we provide are testing evaluation, speech and language therapy, academic instruction, and physical therapy.  If you are the parent of guardian of any child that you suspect has special educations needs and is not already receiving services, please contact Days Creek School at 825-3296.

P.O. Box 10
(11381 Tiller Trail Hwy.)
Days Creek, OR 97429
(541) 825-3296
Fax: 825-3052